Saab 9000

since 1985 of release

Repair and car operation

SAAB 9000
+ Masso-gabaritnye of the characteristic
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ engine Repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Fuel and exhaust systems
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity
+ start and charge Systems
+ ignition System
+ Coupling
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body works
+ electric equipment System
+ Appendices

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SAAB 9000 model cars.

The SAAB 9000 model car was presented for the first time in Great Britain in October, 1985 in the form of a five-door Hatchback of c by the shestnadtsatiklapanny engine in volume of 1985 cm 3 equipped with system of injection of fuel and a turbokompressor. At the beginning of 1986 the engine option with usual absorption followed and at the end of 1986 there was an option with automatic transmission. The version of a 4-door Sedan was presented at the beginning of 1991.

All engines have a shestnadtsatiklapanny design with two, the cam-shafts located from above, the version with engine displacement of 2290 cm3 is presented at the end of 1989 on models 9000i and CDi. On this engine the system of direct ignition of SAAB with separate coils of ignition for each candle together with system of electronic control instead of the previous system of ignition, with the distributor, based on effect of the Hall is established. Originally the engine was equipped with system of injection of BOSCH LH-Jetronic fuel. The system of SAAB "TRIONIK" firm established on models with volume of 2290 cm of 3 in 1993, is the uniform control system of the engine operating injection of fuel, ignition and a turbo-supercharging. Later this system is applied as well on the models which have not been equipped with a turbo-supercharging. On all engines hydraulic pushers of valves are established, and on late engines balancing shaft are also established.

The engine is established in an impellent compartment cross-section with transmission on the left side. Options with a 5-step manual transmission or 4-step automatic transmission are possible.

On all models completely independent forward and back suspension brackets are established. The back suspension bracket includes also levers, shock-absorbers and a cross-section jet bar.

Updatings of the SAAB 9000 models include a wide range of the standard and additional equipment, including the central blocking and electronic control by window regulators. Some models are equipped with system of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS), antiprobuksovochny system and air central air.

At carrying out regular routine maintenance and preventive car repairs according to the recommendations provided in this Management, the SAAB 9000 car is extremely a well-tried and economic vehicle.